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Lighting equipment with a change color dispositive with 12 or 18 power LED. For the replacement of lamps PAR56.
Working at 12 V ac (two wires only), with embodied driver. Automatic synchrony of other lamps connected to the same transformer!

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10/08/2014   -   NEW GRETA

Three SuperLED 1W each directly working at 12V, enclosed in a casing with the same dimension of a normal dichroic 50 mm bulb, allow the replacement of the halogen bulb in all kinds of lighting equipment, without any intervention on the existing electric plant.

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Light spot in anticorodal aluminium with brilliant satiny finishing, with personalized draw on metacrylate. Light source with 9 Superled 1W each. Working directly at 230V with included power supply. Suitable for lighting of parking lots, gardens, driveways and outdoors areas in general.

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Recessed light spot, carriage way (up to 2000 kg) with AISI 316 L stainless steel facade. Installation with recessed steel casing on wall or floor. One SuperLED of 1W. Working at 12vdc. Standard cable 2,80 mt.

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Elexi is a new concept lighting fixture that can be used perfectly into any indoor design. Ideal for hanging or leaning against the wall, just as if it were a painting. Realized in PMMA, incorporates a LED light source, can illuminate the engraved part of the PMMA sheet. Thanks to laser technology, we can cut and engrave photos, text, brands or images on specific customer request up to a maximum size of 600 x 400 mm.

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